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One website - hundreds of professional car buyers.

I am ready to sell my car. Carcom helps you get the best price for your car by sending details of your car to our UK network of professional car buyers.

You only need to enter your vehicle details once and Carcom will find professional buyers that are interested in making an offer for your car.

We will notify you with the highest offer and you decide if you want to accept it or not.

Communication is key to getting a great offer.

How do I sell my car? We believe that communication is key when it comes to getting the best possible price for your used car. At Carcom we don't give out automated on-screen car valuations. Each vehicle that is submitted to our website will get a bespoke valuation from one of our car valuation experts.

We will communicate with you via email to get as much useful information as possible about your car. This helps us provide you with an accurate valuation.

We communicate with you
Uk car buying network

UK network of professional car buyers.

Selling my car is easy with Carcom. We have spent years building up relationships with car buying professionals around the UK. These buyers are all very keen to make offers on all types of cars, any age, any mileage and any condition.

We don't pass on your contact details to any other buyers. You only need to communicate with Carcom staff. When you are ready to sell your car, we will arrange to inspect the vehicle and in most cases Carcom will deal with the purchase and collection of your car.

Accepting our offer for your car.

What's the next step to sell my car? If you are happy with the initial offer we make you then we will arrange for your car to be inspected by one of our experts.

We can come to you, or if you prefer you can call in at one of our drop-off locations.

Cash for your car
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We come to you, or use one of our drop-off locations.

Using Carcom to sell my car is very convenient. We have set up drop-off locations around the UK where you can bring your car for an inspection.

We are happy to travel to you, or you can use our drop-off centre if you live near: Eastbourne, Nottingham, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Burnley, Basingstoke, Bolney nr Brighton.

Secure instant payment for your car.

How will I get paid when you buy my car? Once we have inspected your car and agreed on a price, our vehicle inspector will phone our accounts department and they will transfer your cash by secure payment into your bank account.

We don't charge any fees for this service and we will email you receipt of payment as soon as the transfer has been made.

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